• Image of Daniel the Devil

"I'm owl's breakfast!' thought Daniel. 'I'm lost!"
Enjoy this animal rescue story while learning about Tasmanaian Devils. Other animals appearing throughout can be identified from a list at the end.
32 pages. Hard Cover. Ages 2-8.

The more you take away the bigger it gets. HOLE
Out and about all day yet I always at home stay. SNAIL
Made with dinner; never eaten. NOISE
Offered by all; taken by few. ADVICE
One leg; many hands. TREE
Has a bed but does not sleep. CREEK
You cannot move me unless you move yourself. SHADOW
A beaded curtain hangs in the door. WEB
The strongest thing on earth. HUNGER
In this box without a lid golden treasure neatly hid. EGG
Breaks when you say its name. SILENCE
Goes uphill and downhill yet never moves. ROAD
Too much see nothing; too little see nothing. LIGHT
The more there is the less you see. DARKNESS
When first I appear I seem mysterious; when I'm explained, I'm nothing serious. RIDDLE
A quick creature runs behind a picket fence. TONGUE TEETH