• Image of Penguin

Father penguin carefully balances a precious egg on his feet for ten long weeks...until the little emperor breaks out of his shell and mum finally comes back from the sea with dinner. Find the hidden ice fish on several pages. Solve the riddles. By Anthony Dekker, illustrated by Marion and Steve Isham.
32 pages, soft cover. Ages 1 to 8.
A little house without doors or windows. EGG
Held in a hole, always I roam. EYE
Can fill the sky, but never touched or seen. WIND
The more there is, the less you see. DARK
Softer than porridge, harder than bread. WATER
The strongest thing on earth. HUNGER
Made by both the quick and the dead, can be seen, cannot be touched. SHADOW
Beyond the ocean always reaching, falls on ocean never splashes, drinks from ocean always thirsty, enters ocean never wet. SUN