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A Medieval flavoured adventure set in Tasmania. Marreena's companion is a Tasmanian Tiger. Discover the name of her sword to claim a beautiful craftsman made replica. Clues are hidden in the illustrations.

Today, ‘Threatened Species Day” 7 September 2017 , we announce the conclusion of the treasure hunt associated with Tasmania Quest. It has remained unsolved for a couple of decades.
Solution: Using the pages where riddles are embedded in the illustrations, count the number of Tasmanian Tiger symbols of similar kind. The number indicates which letter to select from the riddle answer.
Example: As Marreena begins her journey there is a standing stone with carved runes. It has three Tasmanian Tiger runes. The answer to the riddle is ‘road’. Choose the third letter from the riddle answer, the letter ‘a’. Use the same method for each such riddle.
Result: a i n n a d m a e t. It’s an Anagram. Rearrange the letters to get the name of the sword: ADAMANTINE.
It means hard. Hard like Marreena’s determination. Hard like a sword edge.

Riddle answers:
I know a child born by my mother, natural born as any other, that is neither my sister nor brother. ME
Goes uphill and downhill yet never moves. ROAD
Goes round the house but doesn't come in. FENCE
Round as the world, deep as a cup. All the world's oceans could not fill it up. SIEVE
When the beast bellows it is heard across the land. THUNDER
Few think of me enough they've got, but all can tell when they have not. MONEY
A prison with holes like a net. CAGE
When I do not know what it is, it is something. But when I know what it is, it is nothing. RIDDLE
Long boneless fellow. SMOKE
Three weapons have I here ... (etc.) RIDDLES, WORDS, SWORD
Old as the hills but always new, a carpet dyed with every hue. LAND
The master holds me back with care as eagerly I paw the air. KITE
Rolls all day, lolls all night. TONGUE

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