• Image of Tasmanian Traveller

One of our first books! Based on a mid-1800s journey diary. Pages have themes: convicts, bridges, animals, birds, fairy tales, and more. A kind of Tasmanian compendium with the story as main event. Unravel riddles on every page. And on every page find a hidden Tasmanian tiger. Hard cover, 32 pages. Ages 8 to 12. Ships free in Australia.

Here are the riddle answers:
White the land, black the seed. PAPER & INK
Fifty fill a box. One fills a barn. CANDLE
Four brothers all born together... WIND EARTH FIRE WATER
It has a mouth and does not speak. It has a bed and does not sleep. RIVER
Bought by the yard, worn by the foot. CARPET
Two brothers bear a burden, and by the load hard pressed. Full all through the day and empty when they rest. SHOES
Who are the slowest writers? CONVICTS (they spend so long on one sentence)
First burned, then beaten, then drowned and pierced with nails. HORSESHOE
I never was. I'm yet to be. No one has ever seen me. And they never will. TOMORROW
The more you take away the larger it grows. HOLE
Four sisters race to overtake each other. WINDMILL SAILS
Four legs one foot. Many feathers can't fly. BED & QUILT
You break it if you name it. SILENCE
A carriage always goes with it. It cannot go without. It is of no use to the carriage. NOISE
Goes from house to house but never goes in. PATH
The less it is the more it is dread. BRIDGE
Four fingers one thumb. Neither fish, flesh, fowl nor bone. GLOVE
Know me, employ me, I can defend. But if I'm the enemy, your life may end! GUN
Looks like a cat but is not a cat. KITTEN
Out of the eater, something to eat. Out of the strong, something sweet. LION & HONEY
Long legs, strong thighs. Two hands, no eyes. TONGS
Before a circle let appear, twice 25 and 5 in rear. One fifth of eight attach behind and you'll see what is on his mind. LOVE
I gave my love a cherry... FLOWER, EGG, SLEEPING BABY, NECKLACE
His head is bent, his neck is long. You saw his belly for a song. VIOLIN
What is that? Over the head and under the hat? HAIR
Runs smoother than any rhyme. Loves to fall but cannot climb. RAIN
A beast equal to nothing added to ten. OX
Grows in the field without roots. STONE
2 arms, 2 feet, and as it goes the feet don't touch the ground. But all the way along the path, the head goes spinning round! WHEELBARROW
Enters the room without any noise, without using the door. DARKNESS
I have both face and hands I move before your eyes. Yet when I go my body stands, and when I stand I lie. CLOCK